At St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Lane Cove, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mary Hor
Assistant Principal Eva Tarchichi
Religious Education Coordinator Luke Spencer
Instructional Specialist Mary-Ellen Kinna
Mathematics Coordinator Gisele Labana
High Potential and Gifted Education Coordinator Ashlee Wilson
Wellbeing Coordinator Ashita Alix Ghoshal
Kindergarten Blue Lauren Dulhunty
Kindergarten Green Sophie Holmes
Kindergarten White Olivia Kennedy
Kindergarten Yellow Megan McEvoy Morgan
Year 1 Blue Ashleigh Simon
Year 1 White Jacqueline Hunter
Year 1 Yellow Kahlia Ferguson
Year 2 Blue Elisse Kinley
Year 2 White Gisele Labana / Sonia Vrkic
Year 2 Yellow Therese Armstrong
Year 3 Blue Ashlee Wilson / Linda Reneman
Year 3 Green Jessica O’Donnell
Year 3 White Luke Spencer / Ella Chapman
Year 3 Yellow Mia Limneos
Year 4 Blue Charlotte Garner / Belinda Jones
Year 4 White Helen Beaini
Year 4 Yellow Gabrielle Swales
Year 5 Blue Ashita Alix Ghoshal / Belinda Jones
Year 5 Yellow Kayla Claffey
Year 6 Blue Annabella Ciantar
Year 6 Yellow Emma Kilham / Mary-Ellen Kinna
Italian Sonia Vrkic
Physical Education Steve White
Performing Arts Cheryl Tsui
Diverse Learning Needs Coordinator Gail Story
Berry Street Facilitator Ashita Alix Ghoshal
Literacy Intervention Karen McLenaghan
STEM Linda Reneman
Family Educator Bernadette Cahill
eLearning Luke Spencer
ISO Sam Zhu
Library Assistant Jane Ward
Learning Support Officers 
Karen Grehan
Angela Bowd
Lauren Phillips
Charlotte King
Racine De La Hunt
Sally Coughlan
Kathleen Royal
Rosina Aloe
Administration Staff
Administration Liz White
Enrolments Kelly Bonaventura
Finance Officer Christine MacDonald
Professional Assistant Nita Sciortino