At St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Lane Cove, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Ms Jacqueline Lee
Ms Jacqueline LeePrincipal
Ms Eva Tarchichi
Ms Eva TarchichiAssistant Principal
Ms Alicia Politano
Ms Alicia PolitanoReligious Education Coordinator/Year 2 Teacher
Ms Mary-Ellen Kinna
Ms Mary-Ellen KinnaCoordinator 3, Instructional Specialist, Year 4 Teacher
Ms Janet Weir
Ms Janet WeirCoordinator, eLearning and English, 6B teacher
Ms Fiona McKinnon
Ms Fiona McKinnon Coordinator-English K-6, Reading Recovery
Ms Rebecca Psarakis
Ms Rebecca Psarakis Coordinator, Mathematics Facilitator, Kindergarten Teacher
Ms Nita Sciortino
Ms Nita Sciortino Professional Assistant to the Principal
Ms Lauren Dulhunty
Ms Lauren Dulhunty Kindergarten Teacher
Ms Nadia Farhadi
Ms Nadia Farhadi Kindergarten Teacher
Ms Nicola Azzopardi
Ms Nicola AzzopardiYear 1 Teacher
Ms Ashleigh Simon
Ms Ashleigh Simon Year 1 Teacher
Ms Jacqueline Hunter
Ms Jacqueline HunterYear 1 Teacher
Ms Milicia Harriman
Ms Milicia Harriman Year 1 Teacher
Ms Gisele Labana
Ms Gisele LabanaYear 2 Teacher
Ms Kosalay Pather
Ms Kosalay PatherYear 2 Teacher
Ms Sharon Breen
Ms Sharon BreenYear 3 Teacher
Ms Natalie Hanlon
Ms Natalie HanlonYear 3 Teacher
Ms Grazielle Kruk
Ms Grazielle Kruk Year 3 Teacher
Ms Joanne Cutler
Ms Joanne Cutler Year 3 Teacher
Ms Alison Murrow
Ms Alison MurrowYear 3 Teacher
Ms Taylor Blackwell
Ms Taylor BlackwellYear 4 Teacher
Ms Kimberly Simoni
Ms Kimberly SimoniYear 4 Teacher
Mr Luke Spencer
Mr Luke Spencer Year 4 Teacher
Ms Belinda Higgins
Ms Belinda HigginsYear 5 Teacher
Mr Grant Colquhoun
Mr Grant ColquhounYear 5 Teacher
Ms Emma Kilham
Ms Emma KilhamYear 6 Teacher
Ms Charmaine Julian
Ms Charmaine Julian Year 6 Teacher
Ms Mary Abolins
Ms Mary Abolins PE Teacher
Mr Steve White
Mr Steve WhiteSports Coordinator/PE Teacher/Kindergarten Teacher
Mr Michael Dench
Mr Michael Dench Music Teacher
Ms Linda Reneman
Ms Linda Reneman STEM
Ms Sonia Vrkic
Ms Sonia Vrkic Italian Teacher, Year 2 Teacher
Ms Catherine Craft
Ms Catherine Craft Diverse Learning Teacher
Ms Mary-Jo Mason
Ms Mary-Jo MasonEALD
Ms Ann Maree Miers
Ms Ann Maree Miers Newman Facilitator, Student Well-Being, Literacy resources
Ms Siena Menegazzi
Ms Siena Menegazzi Year 6 Teacher
Ms Karen McLenaghan
Ms Karen McLenaghanReading Recovery
Ms Brigida Gutierrez
Ms Brigida GutierrezLearning Support Officer
Ms Angela Bowd
Ms Angela BowdLearning Support Officer
Ms Charlotte King
Ms Charlotte King Learning Support Officer
Ms Karen Grehan
Ms Karen GrehanLearning Support Officer
Ms Sally Coughlan
Ms Sally Coughlan Learning Support Officer
Ms Yvette Stepien
Ms Yvette StepienLearning Support Officer
Ms Karen Ward
Ms Karen Ward Finance Secretary
Ms Liz White
Ms Liz WhiteAdministration Secretary
Ms Lee Nelson
Ms Lee Nelson Administration / Enrolments Secretary
Ms Madeleine Thesseling
Ms Madeleine ThesselingCounsellor
Ms Rose D Costa
Ms Rose D CostaFamily Educator
Mr Sam Zhu
Mr Sam ZhuISO